Flipmax and I both hate going to get groceries so we sort of make it a habit of going together. We usually grab some dinner first and the head to the super market. This time we went to Nutty Brown Cafe. I actually don’t enjoy the food so much at this place but I love the appetizer called the Nutty Brown Queso which comes with three bowls of chip dip plus a bowl of salsa. mmmmm.

It’s also the times he and I just hang out ourselves without the rest of the group and it’s really nice because when they are all together they talk nothing but work since they all work at the same company now. This particular night we talked a lot about gaming stigmas because that news had just come out about that psychopath who attacked his mom when she interrupted him while playing WoW.

It’s sorta weird because while actually in the grocery store, we don’t often talk much. We have our own carts and occasionally he’ll follow me or vise versa or we’ll intersect at an aisle and make the odd comment or two (like about the fallac ice frozen desserts) or some new jam we thought looked cool.

We just like sharing our misery of having to shop together I guess and sometimes he copies the desserts I put in my cart and I copy the low-sugar items he tries out. I always get about 2x more groceries than him but he takes longer than me because I bring a list and he browses for what he needs.

At first, we tried to share a cart but that got to be too complicated when it came to the check-out counter. The best thing is that I got him hooked onto Diet Sunkist as well although he only drinks one pack in like 3 weeks whereas I drink 3 packs in 1 week. lol. Just spreading the message of Diet Sunkist to the world! *opens a can* here, the first one is free 🙂

This week I feel like I didn’t pick up enough produce and meat so I ended up with a cart full of snacks but no substance. I’m kind of paying for that now with lack of real meals but so far it’s not an issue since I have like zero appetite still.

FYI, pre-packaged sugar-free jell-o cups are awesome. Everyone should add those to their grocery list.