So Sahd is in Germany this month for work and I sometimes chat with him briefly before his work 6am his time.. usually 11pm or so my time. He’s been doing twelve hour shifts and no weekends but seems to be enjoying a lot of weird food like a Turkish Döner kebab.

Anyhow, during our chat before his work he asks “wanna live in Germany?” and I go “Sure!”

He laughs and talks about how the guys over there really like him and how he could probably get a job there but it would require extensive traveling on his part etc. I thought for a moment that it would be pretty awesome to live in Europe for a little while. I quickly pulled up a map of Europe and gauged how far all the places I’ve wanted to to visit are from Nürnberg which is around where we’d be living.

Jeppy was 11 hours away and Jemimus was only 6 hours away! I’d get to see his new flat! Paris was 7 hours, London 9 hours, and Rome 10 hours. Europe is truly funny in the ability to cross multiple countries in the time span it takes me to cross my own state of Texas. It’s amazing…like the time I mapped the Netherlands over Texas to demonstrate to Jemimus why I think Amsterdam is very close to his home.

I just thought of how nice it’d be to go around taking pictures of actual genuine Architecture and see places I wouldn’t have the time to ever see. Of course, it was all short-lived in my head because he then told me that they have shitty internet connection. I was like.. yeah, no thanks. lol. such a bandwidth snob.

Also, pretty sure it’d be very difficult for me to find a job there and leaving my few but amazing RL friends behind would be almost unbearable. But it was fun living there in my head for the few seconds it was a possibility. I’d strongly consider though if I thought for a second Sahd was offering it up as a serious option.