I went to my parent’s house this weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday. It was a nice visit because my brother’s girlfriend also came with us. When we got to the house Friday night, my mom had a delicious dinner waiting for us.. it was like 10:30pm. My brother was so hungry he was like sweating from stress. Lol. I could have gone like another 12 hours before eating honestly but definitely enjoyed the meal. Tivi didn’t eat much of it because she can’t stand to eat any meat that’s been boiled.

I like started to put their luggage in my brother’s old room but Taint was like “no, Tivi’s sleeping in your room and we’re in my room.”  I was like what? Why? Turns out she didn’t want them to stay in the same room out of respect for my parent’s in case they were against non married people sharing the same bedroom. I told her they totally wouldn’t care but she opted to sleep by herself anyhow.

Taint was pretty tired that night and crashed right away. Tivi wasn’t tired so we ended up watching (500) Days of Summer. It’s a bitter-sweet romance movie about how easy it is to fool yourself into believing in an idealized relationship…when in reality, it was probably never meant to be…and coming to terms with that. I particularly enjoyed the range of emotions it showed through the stages of the relationship.  The bliss and elation when you think you’ve discovered the key to happiness..to the absolute bitter moment when you realize that neither person is happy anymore but you fake it until someone breaks. Also, it was another one of those movies that falsely glorifies the idea of being an architect. Lol.

I think I went to bed around 4:30am and woke up around 7:30am the following morning. I spent a lot of time talking to my parents. They love to talk a lot about the perceptions of how to live a life which I find quite amusing and a bit ironic because I don’t really consider them to have really lead a life but that’s just my perception, I guess. My parents aren’t religious but have absolute faith in their convictions about “the proper way in which life should be lead.” They are the reason I live the life I live today because deviation from that path would probably make their heads explode. I sometimes wonder how I came from them because I couldn’t have turned out more different. I hate it when my mom asks me if I’m happy because saying you aren’t isn’t acceptable.

It was nice to have Tivi there though because we got to hang out with her all morning and I got to divert a lot of attention away from myself to her. I think my parents are still trying to figure her out because she’s relatively new in their lives although she’s actually been with my brother for over three years. My parents don’t understand the secrecy of a relationship. For them, you like someone, you date publicly, meet the parents, family, and friends, then get engaged and marry..then have babies- spend your whole life dedicated to raising your kids—and then spend the rest of your life working until you retire. I’m not sure how they see their life at retirement. I’m kind of interested in seeing how they’ll live their lives when it’s just about living it for themselves and not their family.

I keep telling them to go and fucking live their live while they’re still healthy and have the energy. Stop waiting. I also threatened my mother that if she dared to leave me any money after she died, I’d donate it to the democratic party (she hates democrats) so she better spend it all. She and my dad always talk about how they want to be able to leave a ton of money to their kids when they die but I think that’s so bullshit. They save money and never live their lives so they can give away all they earned to my brother and I for what?? I hate that idea, just hate it.

We had a nice big lunch at a placed called Sartins where we all got the All you can eat Crab platter. What sucked is that I had to get the platter too which was a total waste because I don’t really like eating crab. I never learned how and getting the meat out of those things is very frustrating. I just eat the fried fish and shrimp that come with the platter. However, if one person gets an all you can eat platter, everyone has to…it’s their policy to ensure people don’t cheat off each other’s plates.

For my dad’s birthday, my brother and I were going to buy him a PS3 but we went all over town trying to find one but not a single store had one. It sucked. We ended up buying him a wireless adapter for his blue ray player, a jawbone wireless headset for his iphone and two blue ray discs (2012 and The Hulk). We’re gonna get him him the PS3 for father’s day instead. The wireless adapter is a temporary hold over so he can watch his Netflix streams in the living room but the connection isn’t strong enough for the HD streams.

We also picked up a cookie cake for my dad and I thought of Jeppy and how he freaked out the first time he saw a picture of a cookie cake. He tried to find one in the UK but the equivalent ones he found didn’t really look at all like ours. We always do cookie cakes for birthdays. I didn’t get a picture of it but I found out they do double dib cookie cakes which means they layer two cookie cakes with white icing in between! Omg.

Great food, delicious cake, and always nice spending time with my parents despite their occasional oppressive agendas. However, being unplugged from the Meta is like being in a time vacuum for me. It’s the most surreal thing nowadays since I’m so used to being plugged in nearly 24/7. I kept thinking about how much I wanted to log on to my laptop but there was never a moment free and usually if I do plug in, my parents are still talking to me so I can’t really immerse my conscious that much.
But now I’m back and super excited because today is the John Mayer concert!! I can’t wait!