Dinner Night: Hamburgers, originally uploaded by alachia.

While I might be quite liberal when I think of our culture, I realize that I am actually very traditional when it comes to family. I believe in strong family roots and the unconditional love that comes with it.

The most important people in my life aren’t the people who entertain me the most or keep me intellectually stimulated. They aren’t the people who even “get me” the best. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense as to what keeps families together but it’s a bond I respect without reason.

Ever since my brother’s girlfriend moved to a house about 6 minutes away, we’ve all been eating together on a regular basis. Usually we cook dinners together on raid nights + Thursday to watch tv shows together. It’s really nice since we all enjoy each other’s company… hahaha or at least I do.

We’ve all compiled a list of things we can cook. One of them is supposed to write a program to randomize the list and produce a grocery list from our selections. (they’re all programmers). The thing I cook best is spaghetti so far and that took me years to master. lol. I also make a decent pretzel crusted chicken.

Gonna do my best to keep a photo journal of our dinners.