Xeriscape I, originally uploaded by alachia.

Xeriscaping is a funny word, I know but it’s quite an amazing technique for landscaping. It’s been around for quite some time but hasn’t really hit mainstream yet. You hear about it it a lot in those up to do magazines that are all about green solutions.

What it all amounts to is water conservation. You use natural plants of the environment that are usually very drought tolerant and require minimal water and maintenance. This means giving up those luscious green lawns and San Fran flowers but as a trade off, you get to throw away your lawn mower. 🙂

I’ll be adding more plants and vegetation to the front and backyard for sure but I’ll be keeping xeriscape plants in mind when I do it. As much as I love colorful flowers, I’m going to try and sacrifice my need for tasting the rainbow in order to conserve water.