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Chapter 32: Adults


So there I am…. Eleven year old me is punching a kid named Joshua because his brother was beating up my brother. It’s the first time I ever took a punch and the last time. It’s also the last time I ever threw a punch. Both the taking and the throwing hurt quite a bit, knuckle on skull is quite like punching a wooden board.

One of the daycare supervisors comes over and separates us and of course I explain my story about how I threw this kid’s brother off of my brother and he came over and assaulted me. This had been an ongoing occurance for sevearl months. The adult turns to me and says, “you can’t defend your brother. He has to learn how to defend himself and boys will be boys.”

This felt very unnatural to me of course because my brother is my life blood. My family is the only thing of real value to me. Yet here was this adult telling me a different set of rules I was to go by. I was raised to have respect for authority so when an adult tells me something, I felt like it was the law. As punishment, I was sent to sit out in the sun by the playground gate for three hours on the concrete sidewalk. None of the childcare providers at that daycare ever did anything to break up any of the fights as I thought they believed little boys fighting was part of a social right of passage or something. Later, my brother had to have surgery on his nose from all the punches he took.

You see, the word ADULT meant something to me back then because I thought that age automatically meant that the person knew what they were doing or saying and that adults were never wrong.

When I think back to that incident years later, it occurs to me that I was being supervised, looked after, and guided by a 20 year old. What the f*ck do they know?! Nothing but to a kid, you think they know everything. This thought now terrifies me.

I see this even more so now after having gone through college and graduate school and now am friends with people who have become teachers themselves. You sit in the classroom, thinking that you’re getting an education from someone who knows what they’re talking about or that you can trust them to truly educate you.

whyteacher This is NOT the case. I good majority of teachers as it turns out are people who you had absolutely no respect for in college, the guys and girls who barely made it out and couldn’t find anything to specialize in… and yes, gross generalization. I KNOW there are GOOD teachers out there but in retrospect, I encountered so few of them growing up. Case in point, my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Castillo who was furious at me for learning how to shortcut fraction multiplications on my own and trying to teach my friends a concept she could not figure out herself even after she asked me to prove it on the board. Or the 8th grade math teacher who taught the entire class that scalene triangle had equal sides.

Yes, humans are prone to mistakes but knowing what I know now, I can’t help but be a bit horrified at how much faith I put into “adults”…considering I’m looking at my “peers” now and realizing THESE are the “adults” I used to look up to and admire.

PS. Don’t scoff at that t-shirt. Almost all the people I know who became teachers cited at least two of those reasons. And NONE of them ever cited a passion for teaching to be a reason.

PPS. Most of this has been spurred on by a number of people I know who have children actually. It’s just an observation I’ve had of seeing some of the most WTF people go on to give birth to another human being of which they are raising and guiding into future humans. I don’t even feel qualified myself to be called an Adult but apparently, as it turns out, there isn’t much qualification for that after all. Not only that but this is rather a moot point now as the culture has shifted. Adults have lost that respect from children in this last decade. I wonder why?

Chapter 8: The Sheep Live

The whole election process over the last 8 years now has really just been a complete and utter disappointment to the democratic system. First, with media being as accessible as it is now, there is no reason we should drag elections out for so long. It now takes almost a year and in that year our entire nation gets torn in half.

The demon side of people come out and it ends up a rat race of popularity and media controlled influences. These are decent people who are volunteering to lead our nation. And yes, there are some who are more qualified than others but none deserve to be completely disrespected to the point of personal abuse.

The sexism and ageism in this country is outrageous. Had the media gone after the race card, do you think this country would have stood for it? Absolutely not. And I’m a firm liberal and am entirely ashamed of all the other media-sponge, liberal-turned-sheep heads out there. Grow up! This is a fucking Presidential Election.

Stop looking at the skin, sex, age of the person and actually look at their platform, economic plan, or NON- plan. Look at their history of leadership and background on foreign policy or their stance on government spending.

THOSE are the things that will matter coming from the future President of the United States. The more the media twists this into their free-for-all reality TV show, the more the politicians can’t focus on the real issues at hand.

Last night’s debate, they were talking about abortion and education reform. This is a sinking ship. We are a great sinking ship as a nation. I want a leader who knows how to fix the gaping hole that’s causing us to sink. I don’t want to talk about how we’re gonna add a pool to the top deck or improve room service.

There’s not one politician in this run for president who seems to be willing to admit that mom and dad have spent all of our money and we’re living on massive credit debt. And the answer isn’t to charge more!

Am I crazy? Do I not understand economics? Is it OKAY for us to continue to spend billions and trillions per year that we don’t have?? Is the answer to all our problems to throw more money into the fire?

In any case, I have no idea who I’m voting for this year. And it’s a shame that the media decided to turn this into their own personal boy-toy of the year game. I don’t think it’s going to matter who is the next President. Neither one of them has the balls to do what really needs to be done. And that’s tell the kids, I’m sorry but for the first time, I’m going to have to say NO you can’t buy that we simply don’t have the money.

Maybe reality skews from a micro to macro level.

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