lol. This is gonna sound weird but this bit of script from the movie Before Sunset is kind of how I feel about the lyrics to Stop This Train by J. Mayer. It’s all about how we deal with age and growing know, what we take from it and how we cope with the reality that not just youth but the moments of life are fleeting:


I had this funny… well,
horrible dream the other day.

I was having this awful
nightmare, that I was 32,

and then I woke up, and I was 23!

So relieved…

And then I woke up for real,
and I was 32.

– Scary!
– It happens.

Yeah, time goes faster and faster.

Apparently, it’s because we don’t
renew our synapses live to 20.

So, it’s pretty much
downhill from then on.

I like getting older,
you know, it feels…

I don’t know,
it feels more immediate.

You know, like I can
appreciate things more.

No, me too, actually.
I really love it.
Sometimes it seems as if we look down and then look back up again and bam, it’s a decade later. I don’t want to look down and look up again and feel like I missed it all.