I’ve been caught up on a few comments left on my Hidden Figures review. I knew I’d catch a lot of disagreement and that’s not what bothers me.

What bothers me is that I keep hearing the phrase “The White Man” as a major argument. It’s disconcerting that in our modern day that we still try to fight racism with racism. You can not clump an entire race as an issue. You can’t judge someone by the color of their skin.

That’s the whole point. That’s why I wish there was someone as elegant as Martin Luther King today to really re-emphasize that this isn’t a racial problem… this is a human problem. This is about promoting education and combating ignorance.

It’s about shifting the dynamic of thinking in terms of skin color to thinking in terms of ideas and motivations. White people aren’t the problem. And if you keep thinking this, you will never be able to engage the real issue. We have to promote a society that sees everyone as equal.

If you already come at the race issue with “white people” are the problem then you’re not understanding the individual value of human growth. phew… I dunno. I think I should do a water cooler chat on this and just accept I’m going to get a million comments about how it’s not surprising a yellow girl is defending the “white man”…

but I think this is too important to the ongoing and increasing issues of racism in our country. People are not racists because of the color of their skin, they are racists because they were taught to be, because they have chosen a path of ignorance instead of acceptance.

Humanity can’t go much further unless these useless ideas can be eradicated and we focus on progress, science, education, and creativity.