Reading reviews for War Dogs. Most of the criticism seem to come from those who wanted there to be serious consequence or some kind of moral narrative. It’s funny because that’s why I really liked the movie as well as Lord of War.
It’s not heavy handed. It simply shows you how absurd the reality of any situation can be including our perceived notions of how power and wealth are obtained.
I also have a real appreciation for sardonic humor and that might be largely attributed to how much derision I have for the world. It’s always interesting what people read into films based on your own values, motivations, and expectations.
As my expectations for the world and mankind or so low, I tend not to appreciate heavy handed expressions of moral persecution as much as I simply appreciate good story telling. Large scale ideological shifts rarely have an effect on the savagery of power and money.
However, I do enjoy movies that become an impetus for discussion and are thought provoking. I just don’t think it is necessary to expect a movie like War Dogs to try to come down hard on specific ideologies about gun running.
(no dog was harmed in the making of this post. bb gun was not loaded, calm your britches)