My ongoing battle with DC and Marvel fans is tedious. Never has the idea that people want their own opinions spelled back to them ever been more prominent. It’s either love or hate and if you’re standing on the wrong side of those absolutes, it’s hell and damnation.
But I’m okay with standing here. I just feel like it’s an uphill battle to constantly defend my right to have an opinion on characters that I grew up loving as my own version of mythological gods.
And one thing DC fans hate admitting is that Zach Synder’s vision truly created a gigantic divide among Superman fans in particular. For those who hate his vision, the distrust for the studio is immense. There is no such thing as a clean slate after seeing TWO giant blockbuster movies come out completely deconstructing your favorite hero into …. I’m still not even sure what.
I have ultimately been super displeased with DC’s direction with the live action movies. I see missed opportunities everywhere.
But I’m not exactly in love with Marvel either. I just simply trust them to tell good superhero movies, the kind I want. Civil War was probably the only movies so far that I had outstanding issues with and that had more to do with the inconsistency between real life political policies and the story line. But I didn’t come out of that movie feeling as if any of the characters themselves were grossly misrepresented.
Antman. A movie that had so many production issues somehow ended up being one of my favorite Marvel films so far. Why? Because I ended up falling in love with Antman whom I thought previously was a superhero I wouldn’t care much about.
It’s clear that Snyder has a distaste for idealism as he spent two movies telling us that we should care about heroes who are less than ideal. And that’s every creators right to do.. try to tell their story. But it’s also my right to HATE every second of it.
The sooner WB/DCEU moves away from Snyder’s vision, the sooner I can fall back in love with DC. I mean, look, after all that venting and frustration I had with MoS and BvS, all it took was ONE photo of Superman smiling and my heart melted.
This is the emotional connection a lot of us have with the ideals of a superhero. It means a lot to someone like me who has a hard time dealing with uncontrollable tragedies in the world. I need a hero. I simply do and I’m tired of having to apologize for it.
I don’t care if it comes from Marvel or DC. I just want one.