Gun control is a troubling topic right now. I feel like over the last few years the ideas for either side of the conversation have become more and more polarized. You are either strongly in favor of gun ownership (of all types) or you think guns should be banned.
I’ve heard every kind of weird statistic thrown out there supporting for and against. I’ve seen entire city cultures that think gun ownership is an aberration and others that celebrate it at every turn.
I’ve never been partial to gun ownership myself but am surrounded by responsible gun owners. I find guns fascinating and also terrifying. There is a overwhelming sense of exhilaration when you are near machines that are that powerful. Weapons of mankind refined from years of use and practice to make efficient the art of killing.
And they are very much part of the American culture in so many areas of the country. I’m sure there are a ton of awesome reads out there on the trends of gun collecting. It is ingrained as an inherent right and a symbolism of autonomy to be able to own a firearm.
This is pretty important to understand if you are an opponent of guns. It is absolutely infeasible to take away guns from the civilian population without serious and massive devastation to our country. Even if you outlaw guns entirely, the problem of gun violence will grow a new complexity associated with illegal gun trades. Not to mention, I don’t know a single Texan who would just hand over their guns to the authorities if somehow they were outlawed.
So that still leaves us with the problem at hand regarding violence in today’s society associated with guns. I obviously don’t know the solution but I definitely don’t think it helps to approach the problem with the most infeasible solution. Guns will remain. How we control and regulate the deadliest of those weapons is the real question along with the conflicts that arise in the first place that result in violence.
We need to be looking at the manufacture of rapid fire weapons and distribution control. We need to be vigilant in firearm registration of course, but also in educating every generation that bares arms the responsibility associated with it.
And if you want to, you can even begin to teach every generation a new culture of thinking about gun ownership. It takes time to recondition people’s ideas of what is appropriate or necessary. My generation is past the point of conceding to less guns but my niece’s generation could decide that the right to bare arms might not be worth the price.
So what’s the immediate solution? That we need to be looking for one that doesn’t involve screaming about banning guns. I personally would like to see a massive decrease in automatic/semi-automatic rapid fire gun production. I’d also like to see a push toward registration of all firearms and making the sale of all guns far more regulated to the point of tedium.
In addition, there is a whole other ideology to address about educating and conditioning our society to find other ways in which to resolve conflict.
And I even wonder if it’s possible to stop nation wide coverage on mass shootings…to bury stories like that. Every time we cover these stories, we glorify the tragedy of such actions. I feel like it perpetuates the cycle of mass shootings.
I think it’s possible to push and condition people through popular media..why not for something beneficial for once? I mean, if we can manipulate a nation into consuming ridiculous amounts of sugar and watching terrible television to pass the time while they endlessly and mindlessly work to pay for land they’ll never own….surely we there is a way.
yeah.. you know I had to end it on a facetious note.