Here is the feedback response I gave Youtube Creator Day Austin:

I would rename this Creator Community day as this was more a networking exercise than valuable information. Some of the information was interesting but most if it you can find on the Creator Academy site.

I understand the objective of the ice breaker conducted with rock paper scissors but it ultimately melded into a shouting match and wasn’t all that productive for meet and greet. I would suggest an ice breaker more along the lines of putting a post it on someone back with a cartoon character and having people ask others yes or no questions in groups to figure out who they are. It’s far less hectic and better for engagement.

I also understood the point of the collaboration speed dating exercise but with the volume of people it ultimately was far too loud in the room to be effective. If you are going to do a speed dating round again, I would suggest moving to a format where you introduce yourself and your channel and switch after 45 seconds so everyone gets a chance to meet a handful of people.

I know that growing a channel is a very important message, however telling people to be authentic but then presenting evidence to follow popular trends to propel growth is a bit disingenuous. That being said, I thought all the emphasis on view retention, watch time, and proper branding was spot on.

I would also concentrate on instilling confidence in creators as that seems to be the biggest concern with most creators. Inspire creation, doing, producing and giving motivation to those who need a boost of confidence. One of the biggest mistakes youtubers make isn’t technical so much as it is understanding that making and doing equals learning and growing. You can write all the notes in the world about analytics but one of the largest hurdles is having the confidence and discipline to keep creation going.

I am appreciative of the time and effort you guys put in to do this for creators and want to thank you for hosting this.