Occasionally, I will reply to trolls. It is always advised that you don’t but sometimes I feel the need to engage with someone who has insulted me on a personal level.

Mostly, I do this out of curiosity. For example.

“your face is annoying”…

1. why is my face annoying to them? like what particular geometric configuration is the most annoying? perhaps my eyebrows are too close together? my lips are too fat?

2. what compelled them to take time out of their enthralling life to post a comment on my video about my face? Perhaps the person doesn’t know how to articulate an argument so this is how they lash out? Or is it simply that they weren’t taught manners or that they think it’s funny?

3. for sociological studies, I try go figure out the age of the comment provider as well. Although I have found that the age group ranges pretty widely but usually not over 40 and mostly under 30.

4. insults are usually derived out of other people’s own insecurities or issues. generally attacks like these are not about “you” but really about the other person so I become curious about them on a personal level.

We often think of trolls as these faceless bots that just exist on the internet but they are real people. Some are malicious and others just simply ignorant that being rude is even an issue.

Because they are faceless, it’s easy to lump them all in as just “asshats” and “kids” but I often wonder if there is more to the issue of ignoring them. Obviously, you can’t take most trolls seriously but I wonder if its more harmful to continue existing as online walls, without emotion, without response. They’ll just keep thinking it’s okay to graffiti penis heads on you, right?

Anyhow, that’s my 4am ramble for tonight.