The argument that you can praise a trailer on just a few minutes of screen time but not being able to have a critical opinion on that same segment is ridiculous.

It’s a bit scary how many people only want to hear an echo the opinion they already have in their own minds. Seriously, it is okay for someone to like something you hate and vise versa. You will survive.

This is my largest concern of “Review” community. I get this sense that there are herds of people who just go around looking for reviews that echo their own mind. And that’s reasonable actually as it’s nice to have someone who has similar taste as you do….

but I see a lot of people who go after reviewers who simply have a different opinion than they do and try to tear them down personally. It’s disheartening. “If you don’t like what I do, you’re a hater and you should only like everything”. . . .

Good thing Siskel and Ebert were not on Youtube back in the day. They would have been flayed alive!