One of the most interesting things to come out of my watching Captain America: Civil War is learning more about the history of the United Nations.

I have mixed opinions on its effectiveness before but this movie made me take an even more critical look. World politics is very interesting because of how divided we are within our own self-serving nations.

There is good that comes from united fronts like the UN but I’m wondering if private organizations do a better job at being more effective (ie: malaria no more). I’m also trying to figure out how I feel about a “republic” for the world.

I would say that realistically if we look at the history of the UN there is great argument for its ineffectiveness in preventing conflict. “There is no supranational authority [the UN] capable of wielding overwhelming power” (Rittberger, 2006)

BUT I do like the idea of a world organization that promotes human rights and human health. I’m just not sure how I feel about military force being tied to such an entity.

The point is though is that I’m reading more about it and learning more about it which is great… I can become even more cynical about the world. 😛