My GoT video is finally rendering. I had issues tonight as I accidentally deleted one of the video files off my SD card thinking it was an old one.

When you delete videos off the SD card, it does not go into the Recycle Bin, it just gets obliterated. Luckily, Azyxa was able to recover the file with is mad skills so I didn’t have to re-record.

Good times!

While I’m waiting for this to render, I thought I might elaborate on a comment someone made in my Snowden video asking what I meant about “American privileges”

It may seem like a cocky statement to make as if the US is better than other nations but what I meant by it was that we are a democracy that enjoys a lot of luxuries… Things like cheap gas, the American Dream (although it’s fading), free speech, freedom of religion, massively materialistic consumerism, and a functioning albeit flawed democracy.

While our society obviously still suffers from discrimination, I think we enjoy quite a bit of social acceptance in a progressive way that you can’t under a fundamental society.

I looked at the news today and saw the article about the Nauru refugee in Australia who set herself on fire because she was turned down for asylum. I’m often struck by news about people in conditions where they direly seek a better life away from their home country. It must be terribly horrific to have to go through…to not have a home.

So yeah, I’m very appreciative of what I have as an American. I don’t take it for granted.