This is from Superior Spider-Man #5… wouldn’t that be hilarious if that’s how they had Spidey end the feud in Civil War by planting a bullet in someone? No? But it’s in the comics guys… he kills.. it happens. Spidey is a killer and needs to kill in order become a true hero and learn that murder is wrong.

I would love to see people defend that one….

I love seeing psychopaths in films too. One of my favorite movies of 2014 was John Wick, about a guy who goes around murdering fuck tons of people because someone shot his dog And I call that justice! No one shoots Daisy.

But then what defines a hero? Why even call them that? What makes someone rise about the rest of killers? Super powers? Superman’s powers are insane. His limitation is how he is able to use those powers and still maintain his Code Against Killing.

I feel the need to maybe explore my perception of Superman with some videos. Maybe it’ll help people understand my understanding of the character and why I find it offensive that he has a shitty moral code in MoS and BvS.