I just read a comment about BvS in response to someone saying that the quality of the film was terrible. The response was that Quality is subjective.

This is where I draw the line. Quality of film is subjective? Really? This must be why Fifty Shades of Grey made the New York Times Best-Seller list for 100s of weeks.

You can say enjoyment is subjective and you can say experience is subjective but alas, there is an objective quality to film and story telling standards. Can we at least acknowledge there is a difference between titillating, guilty pleasures and profoundly intelligent writing? at least?!!!

Otherwise, why on earth did we go through years of schooling to learn about the fundamentals of great literature? Did someone just wake up one day and said, I subjectively pick these authors as quality writers and these classic stories as quality works?

There is a standard when it comes to story telling in both written and film format. I’m not a film school nerd or an author. I have no gift at story telling but I have mad respect for it in all formats.

Theme, plot, story structure, character development, world building, and use of visual language are all things you can quantify in films.

For example, at a most basic argument, Batman v Superman was advertised as a battle between two colossal superheroes. There was nothing subtle about the way the marketing team dangled the epic battle in front of us and there was nothing witty or intelligent in the reason they didn’t deliver on it. I’m okay with misleading trailers if its to completely throw the audience off guard for a much more compelling plot.

However, what we got was an 8 minute fight between Batman who wound up in the film as nothing more than a psychopath (severe diminished empathy and remorse) and a Superman who didn’t even want to fight but was compelled to because he was black mailed. My opinions on hating the characters presented is totally subjective but the inability to support the theme this movie advertised is totally objective.

I can then go on about continuity and flow of character and behavior from this scene and how Batman’s behavior after the “humanization” of Superman was completely disjointed. It lacked any cohesive movement. He literally goes from appalled, shocked, and then firmly resolved. It was jarring.

This is a basic example. I can and will eventually do a youtube video deconstructing this movie apart, mostly as a therapeutic exercise to help me get over my utter disappointment.

However, I really hope that people understand the difference between someone saying the quality of film was poor vs I hated this movie, it sucked ballzzzz! There is a difference and if we hope for future great films, I hope film makers acknowledge that as well.