live-action-dragon-ball-z-movie-prayers-or-possibilities-let-it-begin-73563bc9-bf98-4cf3-a656-d64949c0d49d-jpeg-281067Me and life throwing punches at each other. Found out today the biopsy I need to get is going to cost approx 600-900 dollars. Sadly, my deductible is $1400 and I’ve only paid 360 of it so far.

My take is to wait and get the biopsy later after we’ve reached the deductible but Azy is like.. nooo. don’t wait. 9/10 times it’s benign shit on the thyroid but maybe life wants to throw me a curve ball. Who knows.

My mom is always like stay away from doctors. The more you go to one, the more you’ll keep going. She’s right.