Great, I just made a post about no longer being a pacifist and then did a google search for AR-15 today. I’m on so many lists right now, I’m actually worried!

A friend was asking me a question about the AR-15 and I had no idea what it was so I googled it.

Funny enough, that’s the second time this week someone has said to me that it’s a Texan’s God given right to own a gun.

I live with someone who hates, hates, hates guns. So I hear both sides of the argument a lot.

My take on gun control and firearm death is that it’s a complicated issue that requires us to look at education and culture as much as laws and regulations. If you look at the statistics of firearm death, we have to look at suicides, inner city violence, poverty, and the culture of gun ownership.

I usually hear one of two things. “Fuck guns, they’re stupid” or “try and take them away from me”….

And I do find it very small of people who think that gun related deaths are an issue because psychopaths have access to guns and can shoot up a school. The problem is so much larger in scope. (gun related deaths have been a serious problem for years and have nothing to do with mass shootings)

Also, if mortality rate is your leading impetus for concern, gun violence does not even register in the top ten list of leading causes of death in the US.

But that doesn’t mean a lot needs to be addressed and that we shouldn’t aim for increased gun regulations. No guns = no gun homicides. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. And at what point are we saying humans need to be consistently regulated?

Is that the consensus, that as humans, we simply can not cultivate a society where we can be trusted to our own will? Perhaps not. I’ve never harbored the greatest hope for our species anyhow.

I just often wonder if people are actually addressing the right issue for their concerns. And I often wonder if it’s possible to create a viable solution to anything when the objective and problem are so ill defined.…/24-7-wall-st-states-mos…/71003050/…/crime/gun-violence/Pages/welcome.aspx