Who knew that something as simple as direct use-ability would make all the difference in the mentality of blog posting? There is something about Tumblr that just screams, “click here and blurb real quick, kk?”

As opposed to all the other bloggings sites I’ve used before with the exception of Live Journal which had this awesome desktop client that was super easy to use. Blogger just always made me feel like I had to have a purpose for writing and so it would weigh on my mind about what to post and then I wouldn’t.

I think it’s pretty evident in the amount of posts I’ve done…in the first month of using Tumblr, I’ve made 107 posts as opposed to the 87 posts I did here in blogger for the WHOLE of last year! I know, crazy.

Anyhow, as long as I can survive the tumbeasts while Tumblr figures out how to keep their servers up, I’ll probably mostly be on tumblr.