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This book is by the “dog whisperer” and was given to me by my brother once I got Daisy. He had already read the thing start to finish. At first, I was pretty skeptical because all his puppy examples really showed just positive outcomes but what I wanted to learn was how to deal with the ones that don’t respond to the lessons.

A couple of 5am reading sessions while up with Daisy and I learned quite a bit about the way we handle dogs. The most important lesson is that dogs are not toddlers. Cesar basically explains that if you treat your dog like a 2 year old, you will get one that acts like a two year old. You have to treat your puppy like a dog. It’s an animal and its learning instincts are based on animal behaviors.

As a loving mommy of a uber uber uber cute puppy, it’s difficult, but I have to stop myself from being the adoring mom and act like the pack leader. My discipline and training usually involves mimicking what would be her mother through repetition, silent stares, and assertive dominance.

So far it works but there are times I slip up and want to just reason with her like a four year old. It really sucks that she’s so cute sometimes.