I’m an Aunt, originally uploaded by alachia.

Earlier this month, my brother, Taint, and Tivi got a Morkie puppy. Her name is Winnie as in the Pooh. What I love the most about her isn’t the fact that she’s adorable as hell or that she’s super smart or that she has a ton of character for such a small puppy. I think she’s awesomesauce because she’s accomplished something very few living creatures can do, wear my brother down. lol.

All while growing up (my brother and I are 5 1/2 yrs apart), I had to take care of my brother a lot and entertain him. He’d never run out of energy just like the damn Energizer bunny. Going, going, going, going. I suppose if it was present time, they’d have drowned him in Ritalin but nah, he was just one of those kids who could never sit still and never tired out.

And now Winnie is his payback. mwahahaha. I love it. Right now she’s sleeping in small spurts which is the cutest thing ever. But when she wakes up, it’s like a nuclear explosion. She hops, darts, and runs around like crazy like in those puppy commercials. Add in the fact that she’s fearless (even my Qtpi didn’t phase her) and my brother has his hands full.

He’s bitching a lot now though because all these strangers try to pet her and touch her while they are outside. I’m like “dude, have you seen your puppy? What person is going to resist petting her? That’s why they call these types of dogs chic magnets.”
He was like, “man, if I had known this, I’d have picked up a puppy a long time ago.” [Insert Tivi /slap here]