It is a little strange to realize how accessible the meta seems and yet we need some basic devices in which to extend our reach. For me, the keyboard, the mouse, and my headset are all critical tethers that have actually become an extension of myself.

I don’t exist very well without these pieces of technology that help me jack in. Just recently, when my favorite Plantronic headsets finally broke (Plantronics .Audio 450 – Headset ( ear-bud ) I had to switch to my Gamecon headset and I just hate them. I loved the flexibility of my ear-bud set…being able to take one ear out and listen to my speakers and to not have something so bulky over my head.

Turns out Plantronics .Audio 450 has been discontinued and replaced with the .Audio 480 which I tried recently and hated. I don’t like noise canceling gear when I’m at my computer. It really sucks because the .450 were such an awesome fit without being jammed into your eardrums. I think the problem is you have to have the right kind of ear though and they do have the flaw of breaking every year or two but still…they’re so worth buying every other year.

I tried to buy some from Amazon but I think the stock list was wrong and I got sent some other headsets. I just tried ordering another one from Amazon from another seller as linked above and am hoping desperately that they’re the right ones. I don’t feel myself without the correct extensions.

I’m sure that sounds weird to most people but I kind of equate it to the one-button apple mouse or a non-ergonomic keyboard for some. Either it offers fluid movement to and from the Meta or it doesn’t for each individual. I think I’m ready for the day where they insert the chip in my brain.