One day I sat down and realized I wasn’t the me I was supposed to be. This girl is the girl who is on the other side of the parallel universe where everything is upside down and backwards.

Somehow, we switched places and I can look back through the mirror and see a glimpse of the girl I was supposed to be but only for a moment.

Friends are always saying that we are the happiest when we are the most centered with our true selves. I’m not entirely sure who my real self is but I know that this isn’t it. I think a lot of my angst, anxiety, and sadness comes from knowing deep down I’m on the wrong side of the mirror.

I almost took off today to drive downtown to the University of Texas campus to take random photos of people hanging out since school is still in session. It’s something that’s been on my list for quite a while now. I wish I had been into photography more when I was at grad school there.

I still have a lot of vivid mental photos I took while I was hanging around campus of the people and things I saw. I used to pass by this woman doing tai chi on the way to class all the time. That would have made a great 1 Minute Video capture.

Then there is this nice lawn on the south side of campus where tons of students would just lay around. I never understood the whole sprawl on the lawn thing but I definitely took many mental photos of it. The sun is my enemy so places where there is long exposure of sunlight I tend to avoid. I just think it’s funny because those are usually the places most people flock to.

I’ve also been craving this strawberry banana smoothie I’d always get at The Chippery on campus at Dobie Mall. That thing was awesomeness multiplied by 1000. Great, now I’m really craving it. Even after I left grad school, I went back there often to get a smoothie for lunch since it was only 5 minutes away from where I was working. I spilt so many of those cups of smoothies in my car. Whoever owns that car now probably can still smell strawberries.

I think I need to start experimenting with my life to test some theories out on who I am. I think I’ll start with what flavor am I really and go to the ice cream store and sample every single flavor they have. lol. Okay maybe that’s not an experiment so much as a great excuse to eat lots of ice cream. hehe.