Sandwich Rounds, originally uploaded by alachia.

So this morning I was going through photos I wanted to upload and really hated them all. That might be a bit harsh. I didn’t hate them but none of them really felt all that great. I even tried my hand to do some post production to make them to my liking and wasted another two hours.

Sometimes I get in this mode where I feel like pictures have to be perfect. Those are the times I have to remind myself that ultimately this is really just about the art of sharing… we’re either sharing a moment, a thought, a picture, or random part of life. In fact, I look forward most to the flickr photos from friends that are about sharing their lives via pictures.

Not all photos need to be about being artsy, stylistic, or perfect composure. A hasty snap shot of someone’s bed, a pic of the shampoo you use daily, or even what the inside of your car looks like that day is as awesome as and HDR image of a skyline ๐Ÿ™‚

So….I present.. my new favorite bread!