The Maxx, Book 1, originally uploaded by Timaximus.

The Maxx is an American comic that was turned into an animated series by MTV in the 90s. It’s a bit complicated but that’s what I loved about the series as well as Aeon Flux. It wasn’t until I watched those that I realized animations and comics had any depth to them (the exception being Winnie the Pooh and his great philosophies regarding the simplicities of life). Later on, I discovered anime and loved it.

This entire story line almost entirely takes place in the subconscious mind which is why I love it so much. It follows this woman who goes to help a man and ends up raped, beaten, and left to die. The world that is created in the comic is all about the psychological “Outback” in which she is able to deal with learning how to cope again.

The Maxx is sort of her guardian that is linked to her subconscious. In the real world, he’s a homeless hopeless guy but in her Outback, he’s a more effective protector. The dynamic of the two worlds is done very well and more importantly to me, it successfully visualizes the complexity of the human mind. I love how in depth they explore the psyche and how difficult it is to repair yourself alone.

I think I see the Meta a lot like the “Outback” but obviously not on the same traumatic story scale as Julie’s plight. To a degree, I believe so many people are escaping or migrating to the Meta because they’re trying to take control of something they can’t cope with or fully realize in the real world. I’m very interested in observing people as they create their own “Leopard Queen” personas. Inevitably, as great as we think it is to delve far from reality, just like Julie, we discover that the “Mr.Gone’s” and “Isz” follow us. The real challenge is allowing the Meta to help us find ourselves again and then returning back to reality better and more intact and not completely lost. Dilemma, I know.

Anyhow, the Animated Series ends well before the actual story line gets crazier which I think is good. It was already probably well over most people’s level of psychoanalytical flavoring. I signed a petition a few years ago to try and get The Maxx produced to dvd. And I recently bought the animated series as soon as it became available on DVD. I think I might watch that this weekend.

Maybe I can figure out how to extinguish my own iszs. Here’s a link/clip to the series if you want to check it out: