I had a great time at the John Mayer concert last Monday. Funny thing was that it wasn’t even that great of a concert. Indoor acoustics always have a terrible bleed. I will always prefer an outdoor concert even if it means standing in 110 degree heat like I did at the Houston one.

That Mayer concert at the Woodlands Pavilion two years ago still stands out as my absolute favorite. The energy was so high and he played an amazing set list. I even hunted down and found an mp3 of that concert that someone recorded (I knew someone recorded it because the guy with the equipment was sitting in the row in front of me).

This concert’s set list was okay and he had great stage presence as always but indoor concerts always have a very static vibe. My favorite parts were definitely the opening of the concert, the opening of the encore, and his cover of Ain’t No Sunshine.

What I loved most about the event was getting to be there for Tivi’s first concert ever and Flipmax’s first Mayer one. It’s always nice to see things through fresh eyes. And of course, my brother and I are both dedicated Mayer fans so it’s great we get to keep sharing the experience of his concerts together.

We didn’t eat before the concert so we ended up buying food at the vendors. Flipmax and I both got a cheeseburger and shared a thing of nachos. It was not easy carrying all that food and two giant extra large plastic cups of Diet coke down to our seats.

I ended up spilling a cheesy nacho on my jeans. Thank god for jeans though! After using the condensation of the cup and my napkin, you couldn’t tell I just had hot cheese gooked on my pants.

Michael Franti came on as the opening act and I was not too impressed but Flipmax and I kept laughing at how schitzo his songs were. They’d start out all gospel like, then turn into a ballad, and then a rock section.. so weird. I got up to throw away our food and hunt down a t-shirt.

On my way back from buying my shirt, I stopped at another vendor and bought myself and Tivi some cotton candy. mmm!!! It was so delicious but gave me a really freaky sugar buzz..

After the concert, Flipmax said he loved the concert but that he wished Mayer had played Daughters so when we got back to the car, I played  a concert version of Daughters for him. lol. It took forever to get out of the parking garage which I realized was a mistake since I know downtown well enough to find a spot on the streets.

And despite our maniacal plans to yell out “Penis” and “Racist” during the middle of the show, we refrained. I did however get Tivi to say the word penis pretty loud before the show began. lol. I was surprised. I think it was because we had just watched 500 days of Summer this past weekend and there is a scene were they are shouting the word “Penis!” in a public park.

I of course looked at the set list for Houston and sure enough he played Something’s Missing AND Comfortable! OMG. I’m always at the wrong damn venue. I keep checking itunes to see if he’s released any more AS/IS concert albums. Nothing yet.