I am a lover
I want to have
I want to give
I am a lover
I want to crawl behind those eyes
I want to claw beneath that skin

You fold your hands around my arms
You try to consume me whole
But I am already vapor in your lungs
I like to tease.
I like to play
I pretend to be mad so that you
Do not perceive my queerness

I am a mad lover then
But I am not mad with love
I simply want to dance naked
Before your eyes and make
Us shiver with fierce desire

I want to crave what I cannot have
I want to seek which is unseen
I want to have this all in you
What I am not allowed
I am a secret lover

I like to hide the trinkets of my affection
In little napkins under my ears
I use my finger and carve a sketch
And dab the napkin with our flesh

These are thoughts which betray my mind
These are wishes which remain unheard
For I am not a lover
But a dream which a lover did have

This I cry
I am a lover