Out of Gas, originally uploaded by alachia.

Literally out of gas. I think my propane tank is empty or leaking or something. There no furnace heater, no hot water, nothing.

I moved my pillow and yellies upstaris to my office with the space heater on HI. Me and the pets are bunkering up for the night in here to try and stay warm. I called the gas company and they suggested I get out of the house incase it’s a leak but I don’t really have any place to go at this time of night without waking people up. So if you hear about a girl whose house blew up in the middle of the night, you’ll know it was me and can submit my name for a Darwin Award.

No, seriously, it’s probably safe as long as I don’t try to light fires. This is like one of my nightmares though, to be without central heating. Not good. I hope the technician guy comes out very soon.