Cable Modem Without, originally uploaded by alachia.

I can not believe how spoiled I am as a human being. I wouldn’t survive one day out in the wild. Forget the post-apocalyptic world! I’d be survivor’s main course by night fall! lol.

So the gas guy hasn’t come yet and I’m still without gas which means no hot water and no furnace. I was just thinking of this scenario last month when I had massive connection issues do to a faulty screw allowing the wind to knock my internet connection out.

I am like 100% dependent on modern technology. Without access to the Meta, I just wander around not knowing what to do with myself. I watched a lot of movies and thought about how much I wanted to get back online asap. Not being able to have access to my company’s servers halted me from working and I had to use up my few vacation days to deal with it.

And I remember contemplating in my head what would be worse than losing internet? Losing hot showers!!! I love to take scalding hot showers, like melt your skin off steam fest. I can’t stand being cold so I always crank my shower to max heat and think to myself that this is the one indulgence I can’t live without.

What do you know, I’m now without hot water and my worst nightmare has come true. The thought of getting in an icebox shower and trying to shower with ice cold water makes me cringe from the inside out… I think I’d rather just rot and stench up the entire town than take a cold shower.

Hopefully the gas guy comes soon….