Couldn’t sleep again last night, I’m not sure why I’m even trying. I ended up putting in the movie Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. I really like that movie a lot. It’s like the only romance movie I can relate to.

It’s about these two strangers that meet on a train and the whole movie is following them around Vienna talking. You can tell it starts off as slight physical attraction but within the first ten minutes you realize that the real infatuation they have with each other is intellectual and emotional.

The imdb plot reads that it’s about two strangers who spend a romantic evening together but there’s really not much romance in it other than that ideal moment when you really connect with another human being. I think it’s probably the only movie I’ve ever seen where the entire focus is on the conversation and reactions of the characters rather than superficial flirtations.

A lot of people find this movie very boring because there is very little “production” or as I like to refer to it “movie magic.” But I think I really enjoy it the most because it’s a lot like being a fly on the wall and getting to hear all the cool conversations that happen when no one else is around.

I actually like the sequel to this movie more than the first called Before Sunset but thought I would watch the first one again because I hadn’t seen it in a long while.

Also, this movie really makes me envious of cities with lovely public spaces and architecture.