My Wish, originally uploaded by let.yourself_go.

I saw this picture while browsing a color group on flickr. What’s Your Wish? Do people still make wishes anymore?

I can not remember the last time I actually made a wish for anything.
It sucks getting older because you start to realize wishes are just a lazy way of wanting something. You can wish for stuff but 99.999% of the time nothing will happen unless you make it happen.

It sure was fun to wish though when I was young. I’d make crazy wishes for the craziest things. I wished I could travel to another planet, I wished my stuffed animals would talk to me, or that I would wake up one day and be someone else…okay, maybe that one is more current. lol.

You just have to have a good sense of innocence to believe in wishes though which gets stripped away pretty early through life.

That’s what I love about the movie Howl’s Moving Castle which I watched again the other day. I think I’ve seen it over a hundred times now. It’s all about innocence of kindred affection.

And I’ve been struggling with the concept of innocence lately.
I sometimes wonder in a world we have today whether or not the idea of innocense is an illusion. It seems to be a happy dellusion that collectively as a society we allow ourselves to indulge in as a way of balancing our sanity.

I mean for me, innocense comes at the high price of divine ignorance. In order to reach an innocent level of gaiety and state of happiness, you must filter out certain realities. You tune out global realities and focus only on your own. It’s selfish but I’m not sure how else I’d survive a day without doing so. I’d go mad with grief thinking about all the things that are beyond my control and even those that are that I ignore on a daily basis all the time.

It’s nice to let yourself slip into that state from time to time at least while you still can. I get the feeling as every day goes by, I won’t be able to find that state anymore and I’ll never be able to return to never-never land so to speak. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing though… so many people around me seem pretty delusional about our realities and it’s frustrating because they won’t ever grow up and contribute to our gross national product! ..and then we’ll be the United States of China if we’re not careful.. (uh..damn tangent).. *steering back onto the road*

Whenever I watch movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and view fantastical flickr images, I often do want to wish again or be able to..
I want that innocence back , I want to believe in unicorns, happy endings, and fucking flying faeries! Also, I have a hankering to go to Renaissance Festival again of course. lol.

So as a compromise, I’ll make a grown up realistic wish today. “I wish that it turns out my brother is healthy and not sick”