Occasionally, I dream really, really hard and when I wake up it takes me awhile to figure out which reality is real. Last night, most of my dream consisted of a mall, a lost bag, searching, shower, nakedness, legs, a concert/parade/rally, and weird baby/dog people.

I knew two people in my dream from real life but most were made up people with distinct personalities. There was this one girl who I think I borrowed heavily from the movie Whip it because she was super funky but her parents wouldn’t let her go out to this really amazing concert. OR maybe that was me in HS I was projecting into the girl. lol.

I don’t usually carry purses/bags but it was me in the mall who had lost my bag. I remember losing right after I was in this shoe store and realized there were twenty live hidden cameras in the store trying to film this famous person who was standing near me. I ran out of the store but then realized I had lost the bag which apparently was super expensive. I then spent what seemed like an eternity trying to locate the bag all the while every store in the mall I passed seemed to be a candy/icecream/cake shop. It was very distracting.

The shower scene was odd. It involved a RL friend of mine who I was just hanging out with and we had to get ready for something. The room turned into a shower and the next thing I know I’m just casually showering in an open stall and so is he. There was absolutely nothing sexual about it. In fact, he was trying to be funny and swish his thingy around like I saw in the pool scene in the movie Kids. I was laughing so hard. Then a friend I only know online comes in and starts talking to us as well. He’s a bit surprised I’m there, like I probably didn’t belong there because I didn’t have a penis. I sometimes suspect my mind has convinced itself it’s a boy.

I think the leg bit has to do with the fact that I took a bunch of photos of me with my new thigh high socks I like to wear under my PJ pants. I have two type of socks I love wearing. I either like the super high ones or the expensive form fitting ones you usually wear when you go hiking. I have this phobia of my socks falling off while I’m sleeping and waking up with bare cold feet. The higher the sock, the less likely it can fall off during the night. Anyhow, last night I had crazy paranoia about my sock picture folder being posted accidentally so I think that’s why I had a good chunk of my dream dedicated to legs. This is my theory anyhow. The funny thing was that it involved some chick who constantly had to use this spray hose to wash her legs off. Dreams are weird, don’t ask.

The baby/dog thing was probably the most fucked up part because this woman was super sick but pregnant. For some reason she didn’t want to give birth to it because it was some kind of hybrid dog baby thingy. I think the baby thing came from the fact that this girl I’ve been following online for the past 10 years just had a baby. She doesn’t even know me and I just started to comment on her flickr photos like a few months ago but otherwise, we have zero relations. Oddly enough, she’s probably the closest thing to a person I have a vested interest in who has had a kid. She just gave birth like two days ago and I find it surreal that I’m genuinely excited for her. And I get to now follow her new life with the kid (I know, I sound like a freaky stalker at this point). Anyhow, her baby looks nothing like a dog. But the woman in my dream had a bizarre family that was all up in arms about her sickness and the state of the baby. When it came out, it wasn’t as odd as you might think. The woman barely survived and I remember her family like all huddled next to her like vultures.

And then I woke up.