I woke up today with a sore throat and a massive headache. I recently discovered the probable cause for my ailing health this winter. Cedar Fever. Apparently this year is worse than others. Between December to February is when the Cedar Mountain Trees are hurling their pollen into the air. They say the pollen clouds coming off the trees are so thick they look like smoke.

And yay for me, Cedar pollen is one of the most horrific allergen in this area. And even better, I’m now surrounded by Cedar trees!

Everyone around here that I talk to seems to be really suffering badly. In addition to the usual allergy symptoms like itchy, watery, red eyes, itchy runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing, you also get lethargy and malaise plaguing you. It’s the fatigue of always being sick that makes you want to give up on life.

I was reading a website on all these tips for controlling Cedar Fever Season. Found out my dog is probably one of the biggest culprits as she brings in pollen dust every time she enters the house from outside. I do my best to wipe her down but I’m not sure if it helps much. I have to wash my sheets often and vacuum a lot too.

I never wanted to be a bubble girl so much in my life.

It’s crazy when I did research on how the pollen works and it makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be possible for plants to kill us one day like in that movie “The Happening”…. because these damn juniper plants are just about killing me and I barely ever head outdoors. I doubt I’ll be doing any outdoor activities until after February.