On the way home from eating at Taint’s house Friday, I noticed the moon was brilliant and clear. It was a bright, surreal wolf moon out and it looked amazing.

When I got home I pulled out my camera and tripod and headed outside to my driveway. I had a thick jacket on, knitted hat, and scarf to keep me warm. I was ready to capture this glorious bright moon.

Turns out out I made a fatal photo error. I didn’t know my camera! I totally could not figure out how to set the exposure. I fidgeted with the flashlight trying to keep it on the camera menu screen. It was nearly 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius) outside. I forgot to put on gloves.

The thing about me is that my body completely shuts down when I get cold. This happens at excessive speeds. After playing around with the camera for five minutes, my fingers were piercing cold. I felt like if I hit them on anything, they’d shatter. I couldn’t even get the camera to take a picture of my freaky tree without using the flashlight. Damn exposure setting!!! I ended up going “fuck it! I’m dying!” and ran inside.

It took me nearly 15 minutes to recover I was shaking so bad. I eventually found the manual to the camera but even after reading up on exposures, I could not will myself to go back out into the cold. Next time I won’t forget my gloves.

The sucky thing is I missed my opportunity to take a good picture of the full moon. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next one to try again.