I ended up watching the first episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and really hated it. It took me a few hours after watching it to process just how awful the show was. I went into bindpoint and was going on and on about all the things that I couldn’t believe was in this show.

I saw the first preview for this show in the theater when I went to go see 2012 back in the fall. It looked like a 300 knockoff but seemed like it could be promising. I swear though, within the first three minutes of the episode, you can tell it’s going to be bad.

Anyhow, I begged a few of them to watch it just to confirm I wasn’t just being overly critical. On a whim @celticlucas checked to see if it was Netflix. It was so he and @jaminbee started watching it. Celtic wanted to turn it off within the first ten minutes but he was encouraged by us to keep going…because “it gets so much worse”.”

It’s just one of those types of pilot episodes that has so many wrong things about it that it’s hard to sum it up in just a few words. It had bad acting, bad plots, bad costumes, bad cgi, bad set design, bad directing, ill-placed boobs and sex, and corny blood splatter. It’s what you’d have expected the movie 300 to look like if it had been a B-movie.

The great thing though was that it was hilarious to watch together with commentary in bindpoint. I was laughing so hard my face hurt. We even waited for @azyxa and @suzuaara to watch the first episode before we went on to watch the following episode all together….where we were greeted with a sausage extravaganza and weird warm up sex with slaves. Over all the second episode was incredibly boring compared to the first which had way more fucked up scenes to laugh at.

It was really fun being able to share my misery with them. lol. I’m hoping we can do it more often. I wish there was a way to stream movies in sync.

Here’s a snippet of our chat from last night:

***WoWast: Bindpoint Channel***
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(9:25:07 PM) Alachia: shoulda counted boobs
(9:25:14 PM) CelticLucas: hah
(9:25:21 PM) CelticLucas: all of those togas are wrong, btw
(9:25:35 PM) jaminbee: all drunk out of their minds
(9:25:37 PM) CelticLucas: man, they loooove the C word dont they
(9:25:39 PM) Rishal: Make a game of how many boobs there are?
(9:25:46 PM) jaminbee: did they even have the word cunt back then?
(9:25:52 PM) Alachia: good question
(9:25:52 PM) Rishal: No…..
(9:25:54 PM) CelticLucas: nope
(9:25:56 PM) jaminbee: to many to count rish
(9:25:59 PM) jaminbee: tits that is
(9:26:01 PM) Rishal: Drinking game, then
(9:26:03 PM) jaminbee: no dick yet though
(9:26:05 PM) CelticLucas: i just saw like 235 tits
(9:26:22 PM) jaminbee: now thats a drinking game
(9:26:26 PM) Rishal: Every time you see tits, take a shot. You’d be drunk 15 minutes in, I guess.
(9:26:29 PM) CelticLucas: not 236, because that one chick only had one boob out
(9:26:33 PM) jaminbee: 2 mins
(9:26:34 PM) CelticLucas: not even rish, first sex scene is at 6 minutes
(9:26:46 PM) Rishal: Good to know.
(9:27:20 PM) Rishal: Did they have the word “fuck” back then? NO!
(9:27:27 PM) CelticLucas: actually they did
(9:27:52 PM) CelticLucas: it wasnt fuck this it was more like ‘i will penetrate you’
(9:28:01 PM) Rishal: Ha ha!
(9:28:10 PM) Alachia: hahah
(9:28:16 PM) jaminbee: oh my god
(9:28:19 PM) jaminbee: “kill them all”!
(9:28:36 PM) CelticLucas: and, there goes an arm
(9:28:38 PM) jaminbee: suddenly filled with anger and strength, kicks the shit out of everything
(9:28:45 PM) Alachia: latin futuo, to prick
(9:28:54 PM) Alachia: hehe
(9:28:57 PM) CelticLucas: lol
(9:29:01 PM) CelticLucas: exactly, alachia
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