Hey Cupcake, originally uploaded by alachia.

In about 4 locations around Austin, there are these shiny silver airstreams that are parked in various places that just serve cupcakes called hey cupcake! I have been meaning to stop by and try one out. They are supposed to be the best cupcakes in Austin.

Well after dinner tonight at Taint and Tivi’s, Tivi pulled out a suprise dessert, cupcakes from hey cupcake!

They totally look delicious but I will have to report that I was extremely dissapointed. Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines have nothing to fear. Not only did they all kind of have a hint of coconut (yuck) flavor, they were barely sweet or not sweet enough for my tastes. It was like eating a healthy muffin. If this is what cupcakes taste like in the UK, I can see why Jeppy doesn’t understand my obsession with cupcakes. bleh. meh.

But they sure do look pretty. I didn’t have my camera on me so I had to user her Nikon D90 which I am not used to anymore especially with the crazy zoom 2.8 lens. My pics of the cupcakes weren’t as noteworthy as I would have liked. I think I’m still more disappointed about the taste than the pics though. 🙂