I keep wondering if excessive connections and accessibility is a good thing or bad thing. Because we have the tools to connect so easily it definitely begs the question of “should we?”

The issue I have with it is that it creates these false readings of relationships. Sure someone is twittering to “you” that they went out for a cup of coffee or posting to “you” that they got engaged or showing “you” a video of their baby walking for the first time. These are all intimate bits of a person’s life they are sharing with “you”…so it’s easy to think you’ve developed an intimate relationship with them. But the problem is that they’re not really engaging with “you.”

The ugly truth is that we’re all throwing our voices out there in hopes that someone gives a shit. Some intentions are far more selfish and glory whoring than others but odds are if you put yourself on the net, you at least have an inkling of self-importance that you think what you have to say should be put out there. And sadly, so many really don’t do any of this to make real connections. Or maybe I just have a fucked up definition of connections and relationships.

I have a hard time grasping onto casual acquaintances and casual friendships. For me, I love to dig deep into a person. If I find a friendship I fall in love with, I dig and dig and crawl my way past a person’s skin until I’m inside them. If I believed in a soul, I’d ultimately want to tear it out and put it in a jar for myself to keep always. That is the type of bond I seek. It’s also why it’s so devastating when they fall apart.

But this new generations of connections has me so confused. We probably share more with each other and put ourselves out there more than ever before. However, I keep wondering if these types of connections actually hinder us from digging deeper. We are so obsessed with sharing ourselves and keeping the flow of information streaming that it doesn’t seem to matter if truly gets absorbed just as long as it’s out there. And maybe that is enough?

And then I think, is the communication and information people giving really more than surface, shallow banter? I just want to scream sometimes when I see people barely sharing a few @replies on twitter or facebook for the first time deluding themselves into thinking they are now best friends. Those aren’t real connections, those aren’t real relationships right? Maybe I’m the one who is delusional here. In a world of excess, why can’t I get enough?