TV Night, originally uploaded by alachia.

Every Thursday was our tv night last fall. We were keeping up on a weekly schedule with the latest episodes that season. Our line up was Glee, SGU, Lie to Me, V, and Grey’s Anatomy.

I used to be the one who would pick which one we would watch first but then they all started to debate on which shows were better starters and which were better finishers. There’s nothing worse than ending tv night on a bad episode after all. 🙂

So I devised the good old fashion method of the blind draw. I made little paper notes of each show and folded them up and stuck them in an old plastic cup. Everyone but me would then get a chance to draw at random the show we would watch. It was all diplomatic and stuff.

It didn’t really get rid of the flaw of having bad show enders but it at least took out the blame game for sour episode picks. The new tv season doesn’t really pick up again until April so we might have to change our line up if we want to continue tv nights this spring.