Bitchfest warning**** Okay, the warning has been given. I had one of those awful days that just drain every particle of energy out of you. My work is a constant stress ball for me. People always give me grief for working at home. They think it’s a cake walk. I’ve talked about it before. The benefits are great but when you’re coordinating with a home office 300 miles away, it can be crazy sometimes.

Miscommunication happens a lot and I’m often out of the loop. Technology is also lagging quite a bit so I tend to have a lot of network issues. Today was no exception. My connection to the SonicWall VPN went tits ups as the British would say.

I called the main office for help but aside from a billion reboots and a few re-installs there wasn’t much that could be done. Of course this all goes down during crunch week. We have a major deadline this week and I can’t access the network. And just for kicks, it happens yesterday evening!!

Yesterday evening was the one weeknight in forever we had all planned to do something together. We were supposed to meet up at 5pm and go out to eat before hitting up IMAX3D Avatar. I even had Sahd leave work early to come pick me up so we could be early for dinner.

Well I was stuck on the phone with 15 minute windows reboots between re-installs until almost 6pm. I had to miss dinner and barely made it to the theater. The VPN still doesn’t work at this point. I’m not sure what I’m going to do besides mail off my laptop to the main office. The crazy thing is that my exact words to the guys on Friday was, “We should go see the Friday night showing of Avatar on the IMAX.” And they were like, “it’s too late, why not wait till Monday evening like we planned?” And I said, “We should go see it now. You never know. Shit might come up Monday.”

Sure enough shit has exploded all over the place. And the worst part about it all is that I was really looking forward to the eating out part all day. I have already seen Avatar so that wasn’t a big deal to see it again. We were only going to see it because Tivi hasn’t seen it yet and we thought we’d try the IMAX this time.

On top of that, I got a call from my friend with some RL shit that went down that wasn’t too good. It’s a pretty disappointing situation. Oh yeah, also found out this weekend my favorite teacher from HS died from cancer. Gunk and Funk, this week is going to be amazing. It can only go up from here right?