Last night after Avatar IMAX I was a starvin’ marvin! I was so hungry during the film because I didn’t get to eat lunch and was expecting to eat an early dinner.

Sahd and I stopped by Kerbey Lane for dinner on the way back from the movie which is one of those awesome 24/7 joints in Austin. I love the place a lot because it really fits the Austin vibe and did I mention it was 24/7?

Flipmax and I usually hit that joint for late night meals. Pretty cool joint where the manager comes out wearing a black hoodie, has two tatoo sleeves down his arm, and a nose piercing. He came to our table in front of our waiter and says, “Hi, I am the manager. I wanted to tell you how sorry we are that we are out of Portabella mushrooms. Would you like to substitute for something else?” Heh. even in the fanciest restaurants here, you’ll see people with tats, piercings, sandals, and shorts. And for some reason it’s not trashy but hippie chic or something.

Anyhow, I digress. I was so hungry. I ordered a diet coke and an appetizer of queso, chips, and salsa to begin with. I ate pretty much half of that before my meal came out. I had ordered a Denver omelet with egg beater substitute and a short stack of blueberry pancakes served with sugar-free syrup.

I ate half of the omlet and half of the pancakes and was plenty full by then. However, I noticed Sahd didn’t touch his spanish rice so I gobbled a couple of spoonfuls of that. By this time, I had drank three glasses of diet coke refills and was at my threshold for intake.

However I did not stop there. I saw Sahd wasn’t going to eat his Texas toast so I snagged that. I love toast. I usually order the toast and rice combo instead of the pancakes but they usually give you cold shitty butter to go with the toast which is a pain to spread and usually tears up your toast. With the pancakes, they give you that nice awesome whipped soft butter. I used that on his toast and spread strawberry jam over it and it was glorious!!! I LOVE toast with butter and jam on it.

UNFORTUNATELY, my body is not accustomed to eating that much food so this morning, I woke up with the worst heartburn ever. This used to happen to me a lot when I would cook spaghetti. I loved it so much I would binge on it and get painful heartburn all night and morning. The worst part about it all is that I am craving a diet coke and toast now but can’t allow myself anything but water until the pain goes away.