Shady Cat, originally uploaded by alachia.

I definitely did not wake up on the “good attitude” side of the bed today. I’ve been in one of my nihilistic, cynical, wtf is the point to anything moods. BUT instead of dwelling on that, I’ll use the mundane task of my new office curtains to help deflect my negativity.

I’ve been meaning to install curtains in my office since I painted the room and set the projector up. The cellular shades in my office window are light filtering and not light canceling like the ones in the guest bedrooms (you get to sleep till noon here without daylight nuisance as a guest). However, that means I can’t use my projector during the day because there’s just too much light coming through.

So I set out to Bed Bath and Beyond today to figure out how to handle my light problem. I had bought curtains last week but even with the cellular shades down and the curtain, there was still too much light coming through…damn that death star.

The solution after debating and pacing around the store for like an hour was the dual curtain rod system. This allows you to hang the curtain you like on the outside and put a liner on the inside. Liners are hella expensive though so instead I bought Eclipse Light canceling curtains. I won’t know until tomorrow at noon if they work properly. If three layers of blockage doesn’t shut out the light, I will brick in my windows. lol.

I also installed my bulletin board next to my desk. I think I’m going to print out pics of friends and tac them to the board. I also thought about making a personalized calendar to hang as well. Yup, these are the things I use to distract myself from myself.

My office is kind of my sanctuary. I’m literally in here like 12-14 hours of the day. Adding little things to it to make it more homey makes me feel better…well that and my space heater. 😀