Another insomniac night. I’m just glad I have a job where I don’t pay the ultimate price to badly for it. I don’t know what it is but I am crazy, crazy addicted to surfing the internet. It’s always been my guilty pleasure. I am addicted to information. It would be a bit more awesome though if I were addicted to good information.

Most people I know surf the net by checking sites they have bookmarked or searching for something specific. I start out that way. I click on a and the next thing you know, I’m reading about how satellite’s work, then searching star constellations, then looking up some popular name mentioned, then somehow I’m in the gossip news looking at the latest Brangelina news. I might see some interesting picture and then I’m looking up a related movie it reminded me of only to check out the book it was based on and get motivated by reading about the author about some point in history.

I then spend another hour reading about a particular point in American History and that turns into trying to research how steel is made which leads to a search about synthetic chemicals and bam I’m on a website about how the brain works! Of course, on that page will be an ad that reminds me I was meaning to look up a trailer to a movie which I go watch. And that gets me to thinking of a song I wanted to check the lyrics for and that leads to another round about read on the history of the Beetles.

A short mention of another name in that era leads me on a search for painting by Andy Warhol and suddenly I’m researching the alleged love affair between Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick which for no logical reason at all reminds me I wanted to see who won the Biggest Loser TV show that season. And of course that leads to a research on past contestants and that branches into a lengthy read on yo-yo detox diets.

I get bored of reading about diets and then I’m on apple trailers where I see a trailer for a documentary which I research and it ends up being about a love triangle online that leads to murder. I then spend the next 30 minutes try to find images of the deceiving woman involved.

I can’t get enough. Having the general knowledge of everything at your fingertips is incredible. The sad thing is that at the end of a couple hours of surfing, I’m really not better for it. Sometimes knowledge without action is the same as ignorance.