I never get the beauty is on the inside thing. I think people mix up beauty and personality. Personality does not make you physically beautiful the last time I checked. I’ve met some really unattractive people with hearts of gold and yet this does not magically make them appear like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to me. They’re still not attractive.

And that’s the bitcher isn’t it? You were born a certain way and you were either born drop dead gorgeous, mildly attractive, decent, average, tolerable, or ass ugly. I realize thought that most of those definitions are defined by social conditioning. Regardless of where our definition of beauty comes from though, you can’t really help how you were born… or can you?

I was reading this article today about plastic surgery and the pros and cons regarding the social acceptance and stigma of altering your natural state. A lot of people say they hate the idea of plastic surgery and yet are the first to oogle at Hollywood’s finest. And when you point out to them that “beauty” was manufactured under thousands of dollars of knife work, they tend to go into denial.

There are dozens of pics out there of plastic surgery gone wrong and the painfully obvious images of Hollywood starlets who went under too many times. But at the same time, there are many of countless people we see in the media that are just stunning and you would never have guessed they had their nose slightly turned up or their eyebrows lifted, or their boob augmented.

It’s like we take comfort in thinking that we can differentiate natural beauty from synthetic beauty. Why? Is it much different than a girl or boy getting braces as a child? The teeth are naturally crooked, why not let them stay twisted? How’s that different than being born with an unusually long chin or a crooked nose? I’m not sure.

For the longest time, I’ve contemplated the idea of breast augmentation to fit in with the standard curves of females. However, as time kept going by, I’ve gotten accustomed to my flat-chested form. I’m not even sure I’d appreciate boobage at this point in my life. I kind of like having a boyish figure. But on occasion when I see pics of Meagan Fox or some other such Maxim spread, I get that itch in the back of my head again….