I looked into doing detox diets yesterday but then realized they’re all basically starvation diets. F that noise. I really want to lose about 5lbs. The ultimate problem is that I’m in love with candy and I got a shit ton of it for Christmas. I have a major oral fixation and it usually leads to a ton of snacking.

I went out to eat with Flipmax yesterday and we stopped by Central Market on the way back. I picked up a lot of fruit like grapes and bananas. I also decided to try and see if I couldn’t curb some snacking hunger with some cherry tomatoes.

Today I took a few and put them in my mug and poured boiling water over them. I don’t like eating cold food and I thought boiling them might soften them up a bit too. I then sprinkled sea salt on them and gobbled them up. Over all, I’d say this snack is quite a success minus the fact that I got salt grains all over my desk.

Of course, after eating all the cherry tomatoes, I was still craving salt so I started to pour the salt in my hand and lick it up. This would have been fine had I not overdone it. Now I can’t feel my tongue. In order to remedy this, I went downstairs and ate a no-sugar added light ice cream sandwich. DOH. Oh well. I tried.

I then decided to go ahead and make another ice cream cake since I had the ice cream sandwiches out. This recipe is diabetic friendly and quite delicious. I changed it up a bit though and added fresh strawberries instead of the chocolate cookie wafers. The hardest part about the recipe is finding freezer storage for it.

I’m still a bit hungry but I think I’ll chew on some gum…which of course will stir up my digestive juices and I’ll be more hungry soon! Thank god it’s almost dinner time.