Quite a weird and bizarre Christmas I’ve been having. First off, on the trip home, we had so many gifts we were trying to cram into the Truck (F150) that the only way we were able to make it work was to have Myself, Taint, and Sahd sit in the front seat. I had to ride bitch. I actually didn’t mind so much except for the fact that there is no head rest in that seat. And that wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that I hadn’t slept for over 30 hours at that point.

My head was constantly rolling all over the place on the four hour drive home. When we got home, I opened the front door to my parent’s house and noticed immediately that there was no Christmas tree!! They had just gotten back from a 3 week vacation overseas and my mom was too exhausted to put anything up this year. So now we have a huge pile of presents just sitting by the window. I volunteered to pretend to be the tree this year and I would blink my eyes to mimic blinking lights. I don’t think anyone was to excited about that idea. lol.
I was actually feeling pretty decent that night even being as exhausted as I was. I was dancing around singing “Down” by Jay Sean. Then I went to bed around 1am . The next morning, I woke up and couldn’t move. Apparently the drive down must have strained by back at a pressure point. I literally couldn’t get myself up without extreme pain. This of course was exacerbated by the fact that I really needed to go pee. lol. Suckage. Long, painful morning story short, my mom put some bengay on it and I got pain meds… I’m feeling much better today for sure although I’m still downing Alleve like tic tacs.
Besides resting and feeling loopy yesterday, I pretty much bunkered down and watched The World’s Deadliest catch marathon. I got a pass out of not going to mass with Sahd and his family because of my back. I took it because the thought of an hour on those hard pews and all the standing and getting up would have sucked. We only go every year to make his grandmother happy.
Anyhow, late last night, my dad poppped a live concert for Andrea Bocelli and I actually saw the dude for the first time. I had no idea he was blind and played the piano. The man is a amazing. However, watching his concert made me super sleepy and I actually went to bed before midnight which could also have been because of the meds as well.
The shitty thing about going to bed that early is that I normally only sleep 4-6 hours. I woke up at 4am. I noticed the light in Taint’s room was still on so I went and he was still up playing Modern Warfare II. I have the game myself but haven’t installed it because I’ve been working my ass off up until the night we left.
So I sat down and started to play. I tell you what, there is nothing like kicking off your Christmas morning killing marines and terrorists. lol. I was off to a rocky start at first especially with Team Deathmatch mode. However, after a few rounds, I started to get my stride back. FPS is like riding a bike, there are just certain memory muscles that don’t go die. I think I will definitely install the game when I get back to Austin. I also didn’t notice much issues with the non-dedicated server thing. I love the pace of the matches and of course the unlocks and level ups are nice. It’ll suck when I start my own up because I’m going to start at baseline. boooo! lol.
Anyhow, that’s been my Christmas so far. I’m waiting for everyone to get up now so I can had off to Winnie,TX to bein the first leg of my Christmas day.
Merry Christmas! [HEAD SHOT]