Tweet Cloud 2009, originally uploaded by alachia.

Tweets aren’t a very good indicator of following your personal life throughout the year but I’d say my tweet cloud is very characteristic of the way I interacted in the meta.

I was interested in seeing the word “house” in there. I didn’t realize I had tweeted so much about my house selling and buying drama. lol. “Awesome” and “Love” are my go-to words for describing my delight with something so no surprise there.

Also not shocked to see “cupcake”, “blog”, and “night” in the cloud. I’m a night owl, I re-emerged my personal blog from the graveyard this year, and found a true love affair with all things cupcake.

The only word that puzzles me is “time”…why is “time” so large a word in my tweet bubble? I can’t recollect using the word much or even why I would. weird.

And I’m just a little embarrassed that the word “woot” made it into my bubble. Thank god it’s small! lol.