Working From Home, originally uploaded by alachia.

When the gang gets home from work, they are always full of stories of what happened and who said what and what went down. They get to talk about their day.

I never get asked how my day was. They all assume it’s the same story and technically it kind of is. I won’t have office gossip nor will I have something to say about what went down at work. As long as I get my work done, there isn’t much to talk about really. These are the times where it does suck working from home and being by yourself all day.

But during my “work day” I actually have quite unique experiences that you don’t get form working at the office. I’m privy to small comforts like the way my dog snores at my feet or how my cat inspects my drawings. And while I have no RL connections on a daily basis, I’m definitely privy to a whole world online that you can’t access at most offices.

I do miss having office mates though and being able to chat with people about things going on at work or the world around us. There is something about that connection of convenience that gives you a strong sense of belonging. In fact, the connections at work I formed are so unique that all the former employees of my last job are getting together this Friday for lunch as we have a secret facebook Alumni club. 🙂

None of them I would consider good friends or hell, even friends. But it’s that social bond and common experience that defines our humanity. We can live without it easily. I have had no problem adjusting into the life of a recluse but sometimes I do long for standard mundane physical connections.

But on days like today, when I was warm and secure in my office with my QTPI sleeping next to me and the Dessy perched on the napping couch, I was quite content.