Cupcake Tree, originally uploaded by alachia.

My brother’s girlfriend bought me a cupcake tree this week. I think she saw me ogling one at Macy’s awhile back. I’ve always wanted one seeing how it’s a great way to present cupcakes.

It was a great gift and it gave me a great excuse to make cupcakes. These are yellow cake with vanilla frosting. The next batch I plan on making are going to be red velvet with a butter cream frosting.

I’m a big fan of sprinkles as you can see. They make every cupcake look about 110x better. I wish I knew more people around me who liked cupcakes because I’d make a ton more if I knew it wasn’t just going to be me eating them. 😀

For the record, I am guilty of eating about 3 in one sitting at minimum hence I refrain from baking them too often!